Hi, I'm Devin!

Yes, you are looking at a relatively blank page. I am in fact a web developer; mostly backend development with PHP. Which means you should be looking at a fancy page with all the bells and whistles, right? Well, yes but have you ever seen a mechanic finish working on their own car?

Basically the same concept. Start projects for myself and then never get around to finishing it. Trying to build a site for yourself tends to end up like trying to swim the ocean. You end up starting with a grand plan and then spend a ludicrous amount of time thinking of all the 'what ifs' for when you get to the other side. Once you actually put your toes in the water, the project has lost its luster.

If you would like you see any of these half started projects, check out my Gitlab account at https://gitlab.com/DHandspikerWade. You'll see a bit of everything. Some PHP, Go, ASP.NET, Java, Node.js, Lua, Python, and whatever language or technology I found interesting at the time.

Regardless of my half-baked personal projects, I am a professional back-end developer with eight years of experience writing PHP and JavaScript. My experience include a mixture of Drupal (7,8, and 9), WordPress, Symfony, and Laravel If you would like to know more about my projects or past work, give me a shout.

If you would like to get in contact with me, the best ways are usually Twitter, email, or Linkedin.

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